The Best Facials in Melbourne for Treating Acne

Many of you may have heard that my obsession with skin started with my own acne issues. From the age of 21-30 I struggled with cystic acne and tried everything! From oral contraception to peels, veganism to Cetaphil. The thing that used to break my heart (regularly), was that nobody seemed to get it. My (many) aesthetician’s didn’t (so many painful extractions later). My GP didn’t. Even my family didn’t. I craved a place that I could hand over my huge obsession. I yearned to be understood. More than that, I desperately craved hope and a kind, yet confident therapist that could deliver RESULTS.

Asha’s Clear Skin Journey

Our clinic was opened after I had healed my skin and spent ten years at university learning everything I could about the internal and external causes of acne. I wanted to create a safe space in which my clients could trust that they had found the right place, and regain hope for their skin and health.

The Clear Skin Experts

As our approach is holistic, each one of our therapists is a qualified Naturopath and Corneotherapist. Corneotherapy is a very safe approach to skin therapy that aligns with our values as Naturopaths. We very carefully assess the dysfunction that is causing the skin to misbehave and correct it using customised skin care that sends messages to the skin cells. We rebuild the skin so that it can functionally optimally. Skin conditions need nurturing, not torturing. We do not believe in treating the skin with chemical peels, microdermabrasion, harsh acids or products containing emulsifiers.

Our therapists are also super special as each one has their own skin story. We deeply understand what it is like to live with a skin condition. We also know the freedom and life changing relief that comes from healing acne. We get so much joy from helping our clients reach their goals.


The Best Facials for Acne

We believe that our facials are the best for acne! Our comprehensive approach begins from the moment that you contact us. We spend time getting to know your skin issues, to ensure that you are booked in for the best individual acne treatment. The on-line intake form that you complete at home is carefully read by your therapist prior to your appointment. That way we can start to understand what is causing the issue, so that you maximise your time with your therapist. The intake forms include information on your diet, lifestyle, medical history, skin history and so much more. They are very naturopathic.

Once you arrive for your acne facial, we spend 15 minutes together discussing your skin history and goals. An advanced skin analysis is utilised to determine what is happening at a structural and cellular level. We also use face mapping for markers of internal imbalance. All of this information is then translated into a customised facial protocol. Your therapist will also construct a skin care prescription, inclusive of any supplements that may be helpful and recommendation of any pathology testing that could provide more answers.

Our tailored acne facials include an enzyme treatment to gently clear the follicle and stimulate cellular communication. We will choose up to 4 active serums (skin nutrition) to use in conjunction with a mask which may include: zinc, vitamin B, vitamin A, Liposome Concentrate Plus, Natural Moisturising Factor (or many other combinations…we have 36 to choose from!). After your mask (customised of course) a lymphatic drainage style massage technique is harnessed for stimulation of the immune system and efficient clearance of toxins and waste. This is also deeply relaxing and accompanied by a guided meditation. Some clients choose to utilise their time with use to ask lots of questions about skin and nutrition. We love this!

MAX+ LED Light Therapy

Light Therapy is an amazing way to supercharge your skin recovery. We use MAX+ specifically as it is a medical grade device with 6 spectrums of light. Light therapy powerfully stimulates the immune system, kills bacteria, reduces inflammation, accelerates wound healing and helps reduce pigmentation. MAX+ is available as an add-on to the start of your treatment, or as a monthly package.

Acne After-Care

Whilst you are sipping on some herbal tea, your therapist will have a handover with one of our clinical assistants. They will make recommendations of frequency of treatments and whether a more in-depth naturopathic appointment is required. Our clinical assistants will spend time educating you on your skin care prescription, and mixing it for you. You can also chat to them about our acne friendly foundation – deco. If you have Private Health Insurance with Naturopathy as an extra, you can also claim your facial.

Want to work with us? Ready to clear your acne for good? Get in touch here!

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About Us

We are a truly holistic skin clinic, based in Collins Street Melbourne. Our methods were developed by Naturopathic Facialist – Asha Evertsz.

We offer a safe and evidence-based range of treatments, testing, skin care & make-up to help correct and repair damaged skin. Most importantly, we provide a safe and nurturing environment to help build your confidence whilst we correct your skin and acne concerns.


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