Acne Facial

With years of experience with all grades and types of acne, Asha designed a facial that targets the causes of breakouts.

Advanced Acne Skin Analysis

Everyone is different and requires a personalised approach. Our dedicated skin analysis looks at your skin type, pH, hormones and more:
  1. your skin type: oily or dry? (an oily approach is very different to a lipid dry approach)
  2. the integrity of your barrier defence systems (pH, acid mantle, health of barrier)
  3. if your current skin care/make-up ingredients are contributing
  4. Whether your acne is driven by internal imbalances such as hormones/gut health/stress/lymphatic detoxification
  5. The grade and severity of your acne
  6. The quality and levels of Essential Fatty Acids in your skin and secretions
  7. The degree of post-inflammatory pigmentation
  8. The degree of scarring
After your thorough Skin Analysis, we will construct your facial based on your skin’s exact needs.

Cleanse Your Face

We always double cleanse to remove any impurities. We can customise a cleanser if necessary to get best results.

Exfoliate To Prevent Breakouts

Most acneic skins are low in enzymes that are crucial for cleaning out the follicle, and preventing breakouts.

We use gentle but effective enzymes to:

  1. Reduce inflammation
  2. Clear the follicle
  3. Smooth the skin texture
  4. Increase retention of water

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic techniques are gentle enough for cystic acne, yet highly effective at assisting the lymphatic system to detoxify and clear hormones.
Many of our major nodes (waste disposal units) are found in the head and neck. If we can assist these to remove accumulated toxins, the skin won’t need to act as an organ of detoxification.


We utilise steam to ‘relax’ the pores and follicle to allow us to efficiently extract blackheads. We don’t stress the skin or tackle anything that isn’t ready to pop out.

Customised Face Mask

We carefully select active serums based on what needs correcting. This is like a ‘supplement for your skin’. If your acne is hormonal, we may use ingredients such as dermaviduals ‘Phytohormone’, ‘Zinc’, ‘Liposome Concentrate Plus’ and ‘vitamin A’. If congestion is the major issue then ingredients such as ’NMF’, ‘Vitamin B’, ‘Kiwi Seed’ and ‘Vitamin E’ may be more indicated. With over 36 serums to choose from, the combinations are endless and entirely tailored to your skin dysfunction.
We have a variety of therapeutic masks to choose from to compliment the delivery of the serums. Again, this is tailored to your skin requirements.

MAX+ LED Light Therapy (*LED facial add-on 15 mins $35)

Unlike most devices, MAX+ is an award winning Medical Grade device that utilises safe wavelengths of light to:
  1. Kill acne bacteria (violet)
  2. Reduce post-inflammatory pigmentation (green)
  3. Stimulate the immune system for cystic acne (red)
  4. Help breakouts heal faster (infrared)
  5. Reduce redness and inflammation (yellow)
We recommend facials every 4 weeks for maintenance. If you are experiencing an acute, angry flare up then we suggest commencing with weekly Acne SOS treatments prior to a facial.

For inflamed, cystic acne we recommend stand-alone LED treatments 2-3 times per week for 4 weeks.

Our MAX Membership pass offers 10 x 30 minute sessions at a 45% discount.

You will get the best results with a tailored skin care prescription.

We can accomodate this in the facial or with a stand alone 15 minute skin analysis (complimentary with purchase of 2 or more products). Contact us today to find out more.

All of our facials have been designed by Asha Evertsz, and are truly nourishing and holistic.


$220 with qualified

$270 with senior

$320 with expert

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Refer a friend or a family member and you receive a half price facial. This is an ongoing offer and is uncapped. That’s right… you receive this discount each time to you refer!
Make sure that your friend mentions your name upon booking.
*not redeemable with Asha * not transferable or redeemable for cash * must be a brand new client *friend must book and attend their appointment
About Us

We are a truly holistic skin clinic, based in Collins Street Melbourne. Our methods were developed by Naturopathic Facialist – Asha Evertsz.

We offer a safe and evidence-based range of treatments, testing, skin care & make-up to help correct and repair damaged skin. Most importantly, we provide a safe and nurturing environment to help build your confidence whilst we correct your skin and acne concerns.


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