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Getting Started

So, you’re frustrated with your skin and looking for answers?
Welcome to the right place. 

We’re experts in resolving chronic skin conditions. The kind of skin conditions that can impact your mood, dampen your confidence and affect your everyday life. Whether you’re battling post-pill acne, frustrated with long-term rosacea or inhibited by eczema, our holistic approach is a proven clinical success (just wait till you see the before and after shots). 

But how do we work? We believe that in order to help your skin, we need to treat you from the outside in and the inside out. We combine corneotherapy (skin therapy) with functional medicine (naturopathy, nutrition and pathology testing) to get to the root cause of your condition. After all, everyone is different and everyone has different skin. 

To get you started on your skin healing journey, first we assess you. For 90% of our new clients, this is a three-step process: 

1. Make a booking + fill out The CSE intake form

First you’ve got to the make your booking! You can either do so online or give our team a call to discuss what’s best for your skin concerns. We’ll then send you a welcome email with our online intake form attached. This form will take about 30 minutes for you to complete at home. Think of it as your skin survey. It helps our team get to know you, and your skin complaints, and hit the ground running in the treatment room.

2. The corneotherapy (skin therapy) assessment, 60 minutes

This is where we look at your skin from the outside in. The aim of the game is to understand your condition so you can find some relief and start repairing your skin barrier; prevent any more scarring or pigmentation; boost wound healing; reduce redness and sensitivity; decrease severity of breakouts; and just generally create stronger, more resilient skin. We want you feeling confident, asap. 

The assessment involves:

  • Observ Skin Diagnostic Images. We use the state-of-the-art machine to take photographs of your skin layers under six different observational lights. This helps us diagnose irregularities and abnormalities. 
  • Skin Diagnostic SD 202. This machine measures your skin’s oil to water ratio so we can tailor treatments to your exact level of hydration. Very important!
  • Consultation and skin education. We talk you through your condition and teach you about why your skin is unhappy. 
  • Customised treatment program for the next 6 -12 months. Amazing skin requires commitment. 
  • Customised skincare prescription. We use dermaviduals to formulate therapeutic skincare based on your exact needs. 
  • Makeup consultation. We offer non-harmful and customisable makeup alternatives, because we know that makeup is an important part of feeling confident while we work on healing your skin. 

All corneotherapy assessments are conducted by Qualified, Senior and Expert Corneotherapists. Remember, the assessment is the first stop on your journey to skin healing.

3. The functional medicine assessment, 60 minutes

This is where we look at what’s happening inside, and how it’s affecting your skin on the outside. Our team all have bachelor degrees in nutrition and naturopathy, and we combine these skills and techniques with comprehensive pathology testing to get to the core of your condition. 

This assessment is important for clients who have tried everything (medications, dermatologists, etc) to no or limited success. Normally, this means that your skin condition is related to either your hormones, your gut health or other issues such as nutritional deficiencies, stress, sleep and diet. Usually it is all of the above! 

We help people who are experiencing everything from post-pill and severe acne to dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and rosacea. We also support clients who are considering alternatives, or experiencing withdrawals, to medications like Roaccutane, oral and topical steroids, antibiotics and the oral contraceptive pill. 

This assessment is all about getting answers. Alongside looking at nutrition and naturopathy we also do traditional blood tests and private testing. This level of analysis is what sets us apart from other clinics. We know that this can be a daunting and scary process, but don’t worry – we offer support and experience in helping you navigate this journey. 

The assessment involves: 

  • Looking deeply into your diet, lifestyle and medical histories connected with skin dysfunction. 
  • Recommendations for general blood testing  and private functional pathology testing. This helps us get accurate answers and demystify your skin issues. We most commonly use hormone and gut testing, but have access to many more dependent on your case.  
  • Customised dietary and supplement plans. 

Please note that while the functional medicine  assessment is almost always encouraged, it is not necessary if you are visiting the clinic strictly for scarring, pigmentation or other aesthetic issues. 

Our Corneotherapist Grades

Never fear – the perfect corneotherapist for your condition is here! 

All our therapists are given a grade, from Entry Level to Expert, based on clinical experience and level of education. These grades then determine the cost and type of treatments on offer. We find this grading system helps us tailor both your skin journey and your financial journey. After all, your skin solution is an investment. 

All our corneotherapists are qualified professionals who are committed to continual education, upskilling and growing their skin knowledge. We do this via internal training with our founder and expert, Asha Everetsz; external industry training; and ongoing mentoring. 


Grade 1
Entry Level Corneotherapist
Therapist: Georgia
Available: Wednesday (3 – 7:30) + Thursday (11:30 – 6)
Treatments: SOS Facials, Post-Skin Needling Facial, LED, Make-up Colour Match 

Grade 2
Qualified Corneotherapist
Therapist: Maddy + Rita
Available: Maddy – Thursday (11 – 7:30), Friday (12 – 5), Saturday (9:30 – 5)
Rita – Tuesday (2:30 – 7:30), Wednesday (3 – 7:30), Friday (12 – 5), Saturday (9:30 – 5)
Treatments: Therapeutic + Acne Facials, Corneotherapy Assessments, Skin Needling, LED, Make-up Colour Match 

Grade 3
Senior Corneotherapist
Therapist: Hayley
Available: Monday – Friday (9 – 5), Melbourne every six weeks
Treatments available: Therapeutic + Acne Facials, Corneotherapy Assessments, Advanced Skin Analysis, Skin Needling, LED, Make-up Colour Match 

Grade 4
Expert Corneotherapist
Therapist: Asha
Available: Monday + Tuesday 9-5pm
Treatments available: Therapeutic + Acne Facials, Corneotherapy Assessments, Advanced Skin Analysis, Skin Needling, LED, Make-up Colour Match + Skype consultations

Our Pricing Guide

Corneotherapy assessmentN/A $100$150$200
Functional medicine assessmentN/A*N/A*N/A*N/A*
SOS Facials $150N/A N/AN/A
Post skin needling facial $95N/A N/AN/A
Therapeutic Facial + LEDN/A$190$240$290
Acne/ Travel Facial + LEDN/A$220$270$320
Skin Needling N/A$400$450$500
LED standalone 10 pack $599

5 pack $350

$90 (single session)N/A N/AN/A


*The functional medicine assessments are taken by our in-house team, not our corneotherapist team, and are priced separately. Book in for a functional medicine assessment HERE (link to booking page). 

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About Us

We are a truly holistic skin clinic, based in Collins Street Melbourne. Our methods were developed by Naturopathic Facialist – Asha Evertsz.

We offer a safe and evidence-based range of treatments, testing, skin care & make-up to help correct and repair damaged skin. Most importantly, we provide a safe and nurturing environment to help build your confidence whilst we correct your skin and acne concerns.


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